our wedding…

june nineteen twothousandfour
south jersey bible church int.
eleven o’clock am

We had a very intimate and private wedding on one June afternoon. there were, at most, only sixteen family members & close friends who attended. Although, deeply, we wanted to invite our close friends, we felt that a private wedding at our church was the best thing at the time. Until now, we treasure that sweet intimacy, even though our only regret was the absence of Perze’s family who was in the Phils.

But with their presence in support and love, we knew we had no doubts about our decision. it definitely was a step of faith, and despite not having all the pomp of a grand wedding, we were greatly blessed, and continue to lavish in God’s blessings. Without a doubt, it was God’s will, and we take joy in remembering the intimacy of that day.

Years later, a dear friend told me that our wedding was so memorable because it was so intimate. there was something special in knowing that only a handful were picked to be witnesses. That friend mentioned that out of the numerous weddings he went to, ours really stood out. It was an endearing testimony of our wedding…

We really are deeply thankful for our parents for supporting and giving us their blessings for such an important day in our lives. We also remember and continue to thank them for the challenging years they’ve sacrificed to raise us, and their continued love for us. We love you.

wedding couple kissingpstr. domingo guevarra: officiant
bernard castillo: best man
freddie fabila: groomsman
rogie rabanillo: groomsman
stephanie fabila: maid of honor
m.kristie fabila: maid of honor