January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

2007 is here and I have new toys to play with. Reviews will come after I've settled down from my holiday hibernation.

Marchesa dropped me a PSP and a trio of new games. I'll start working on my product review for the unit and possibly write a walkthrough for the games.

I have to play those games before I can review them right?

December 24, 2006

The Apple is blue?

So Apple has joined the next gen format wars and is going to support Blu-Ray? looks like the latest iMac, Mac Pro and perhaps G Series machines will now sport a new BD-ROM/ BD-R/RW drive?

I can't wait.

December 20, 2006

Google Joined the IE7 Bandwagon

 Looks like Google is joining the IE7 bandwagon. Based on this blog entry by Jeremy Zawodny, Google took the same template that yahoo used when they launched their yahoo optimized IE7 download.

If someone patented Cut+Paste technology, he would've been so proud.

Link to Download Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google

iPhone-SchmiPhone Announcement

 Monday has passed and no announcement ... I guess Mr. Lam was referring to any given monday. Boo!

Link to Gizmodo Knows: iPhone Will Be Announced On Monday - Gizmodo

December 15, 2006

Samsung BlackJack

Marchesa's phone has been screaming for an upgrade ever since I can remember. So when the upgrade window opened up for her I decided to give a her a couple of choices. The Treo 680 or the Samsung BlackJack. The BlackJack eventually won it for the main reason that it was different. There are a bazillion people that we know of (including myself) that already use a palm based smartphone within our group (Toto, myself, Reeny and Sam). So Marchesa decided to take the road less travelled and kept the BlackJack.

On with the Review.

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