perze & marchesa

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I was born in the Phils.. and came to the US when i was five. i am blessed to be a part of a semi-big family, with such sacrificial loving parents who have really instilled the importance of family into my siblings and me. i treasure them and appreciate them more as each year passes. i admire very few people, and my siblings are some of the very few people i can proudly say i admire- for their intellect, wisdom, creativity, knowledge, practicality, generosity, unselfishness, and most of all- their love for our family.

i spent a couple of years in Rutgers Univ. but was a cum laude graduate of William Paterson Univ., having graduated with a Literature degree.

these days, you can catch me actively serving in my church sjbci. i am mostly involved w/ the Worship Ministry, Youth, and Multimedia Ministry.



  • highschool: mindanao state university – science high school
  • college: MSU ‘98 w/ Electrical Engineering Degree

job experience:

  • pinkerton computer consultants: ‘99-’06

current job:

  • new york times company: ‘06-present
    senior quality assurance analyst