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I haven’t blogged in a while. 

I’m gray. Did I mention that? My daughters, if you find yourself turning gray around 40, genetics has diligently done its job without flinching sans mercy. Your dear mother is lazy enough to put it off every month, but not lazy enough not to dye it at all. I just find the hour and a half too important to be bothered with coloring hair. 

However, internet space, I am at that age now where it was important enough to take a big trip to Paris- coupled with the reason of it being our 15th year anniversary.  Yes, Paris. Paris. Sigh, Paris. Now as it entered my head and exited in writing, I’m nostalgic.  We walked everywhere for a week- the whole day every day.  We wrote the street names in our heads, drew a map in our minds, and can somewhat follow the paths we took to notable places.  

I honestly didn’t know what I would write before I wrote this, but I guess I should have known, it would have led to Rue de Rivoli…to La Tour Eiffel.  (This will have to wait…until then…to be continued…)

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