Come and See; Go and Tell

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God has enumerated numerous lessons through the choir ministry. Since 2009, I’ve seen plenty and seen a few in our choir, but God shows me that it is never about the numbers. He still provides the reason to bend with the music and work to bring everyone together on the same musical page, to keep united with the same goal in mind. There is no room for pride in a choir, no room to be better than the next, no room to keep hidden and hide behind bigger voices. Everyone is expected to give, to understand the music, and move together. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to move together to worship you, to come and see; to go and tell. You are good every year, faithful to finish what you’ve started, and always showing those who serve You, the immeasurable joy to be part of the work. 

I am humbled by them every year. God’s love can only be the reason we do this.

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