School Winter: Solos, Duets, Concerts

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Emma’s orchestra winter concert. This was their ensemble group. She started off the song with a small solo. She’s really worked hard to be heard in her orchestra, esp. after being the new kid last year. Super proud of her.

Zi’s biggest fan was Emma. It may be because Emma was so proud and could relate that Zi can finally experience her 1st school concert. So Emma and Elle insisted that we get flowers and a small reminder of her hard work. Zi named it Pengi Wenceslas, after the song where she had her duet. Zi has great cheerleaders! 

Last school winter concert of the year. This time, it was Emma’s choir and TL Singers. These were just clips of my favorite songs from the night. 
1st song: Light One Candle (Emma sang a short solo)
2nd song: River in Judea (my favorite from the night…made me tear up during the whole song)
3. Morokeni 
4. The Climb (Yes…a Miley Cyrus song)

My parents were able to attend; my mom said my dad cried because he remembered his younger days when he’d perform. ?

Super proud of Emma for her commitment, getting up earlier to attend practices for TL Singers. It’s her last year in Middle School even though she just joined last year, so we’re proud of her courage in making her mark here. Dr. J asked Emma if she had anymore siblings coming her way, since Emma is leaving soon, so Emma brought Zi to meet her after the concert so Dr. J could watch out for her in a couple of years. 

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