8 + 4 + 1 : Back To School

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Weekly prayer meeting fell right on the day before the girls are going back to school so we were able to have a devotion about trusting and waiting on God, and not be fearful. And we each prayed for specific things that might take us away from giving each of our best this year + that they may be extensions of God’s love to their schools. We also prayed for their cousins, their friends, and school peers who will be entering into another year.

Be mighty, little ones; take courage in the One who leads your paths.

One-two-one-two! Get ’em, Ababas. 




This year, I decided not to buy any new school clothes for them or backpacks. Thankfully, their sneakers still fit and was still in good condition.  Only Elle had to get new sneakers because her feet are growing so quickly and I could never keep her sisters’ old sneakers because they were so beat up from each year. 

Also, after school ended, we kept all their old crayons, colored pencils, markers, erasers, pencils, highlighters, unused post it notes, tore out the old pages from their composition notebooks, binders, colored folders, calculators, paper, etc and put them in one box.  Before school started, when they finally gave out the school supply lists, all the girls went through the box and took whatever was left over.  Thankfully enough, we hardly bought anything new, except for a protractor and some teacher supplies like tissues, bags, and sanitizer. Phew! Duly noted also that their teachers’ lists weren’t extremely long this year!


During dinner, we all went around the table and listed our best and worst part of the day. The girls had a long list of ups vs downs, so womp-womp-womp!  Also, while we were driving to violin lessons (also started yesterday), Zi mentioned that there were 20 new families that moved to the town, and she had 2 new students in her class. It opened up the discussion how their new ministry this year until graduation, was to befriend the newcomers of their school when opportunities opened up.  They are to be on the lookout for times these new students may feel alone or unaccepted, and courageously approach them in conversation so they don’t feel as uncomfortable being in a new school.  They know how it felt last year, being the new kids in town, and thankfully, there were people who reached out to them with friendship.  And their schools fostered ways to introduce them into the school family.  It’s a conscious effort for the girls to pass on the blessing that they were given.

Do you have a game plan this year for your kids’ school ministry that you can continue to follow up for the rest of the year?

I’d love to share some ideas.

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