Elleonai Turns 6

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Happy birthday to our darling, Elle, who continues to be an example to us with her bravery for accepting challenges that test her mentally + physically, her fervent pursuit for friendships, and her unconditional forgiveness that chooses to see the greater sides of people, despite sometimes being treated unlovingly. We are so blessed by her affection, the plethora of bear hugs + random kisses. She is the color yellow ? in our home, with her shining smiles and joy- every day. We love you, little one. We pray your Bible verses over you and hope you continue to live your purpose with a smile.


Some things from her 5th Year:


  • COLOR:  tiffany blue
  • TV SHOW:  Fuller House, Teen Titans 
  • MOVIES:  The Lorax, Monsters Inc., Goonies, Mamma Mia “Here We Go Again”, Greatest Showman
  • BOOKS:  Little People Big Dreams Series, Treehouse Series, Elephant + Piggy Series
  • FOOD:  Mac + Cheese, Spaghetti, Vienna Sausages, Fruits, Soda, Fried shrimp
  • RESTAURANTS:  Red Lobster, Rai Rai Ramen
  • HOBBIES:  Swimming, Reading, Roller Skating, Playing Roblox, YouTube, Indoor Rock Climbing, Riding a Scooter, Going to the Park, Playing Pokemon, Dancing
  • THINGS:  Sleepovers, Parties, Being With Friends, Chuck E. Cheese, Unicorns, Rainbows, Target, Musicals, LOL Dolls, Craft Stuff, Board Games (Monopoly, Life)
  • MUSIC:  Kidz Bop Albums, Bruno Mars, Movie Soundtracks: Mamma Mia, Greatest Showman
  • CLOTHES:  Maxi Dresses, Headbands, Rainbow bag
  • PLACES:  Park, B+N


  • She started piano lessons this year. 
  • She went to school for the first time for Kindergarten.
  • She went to Boston for Thanksgiving, California for Christmas, then back to Boston for New Years.
  • She got her first school kiss from this boy in her Kindergarten class.
  • She participated in her children’s church choir for Christmas. 
  • She moved into her new home.
  • Learned how to read fluently.
  • Started reading chapter books.
  • Started playing the box drum.


  • Dentist
  • Pop Star


We started the day reading her Life Bible Verses over her with her sisters and prayed for her new year.  We gave her sunflowers and let her open her gifts.  That day, we went to a church picnic and celebrated her birthday with some of her friends, then had dinner at the restaurant of her choice (which is usually Red Lobster, because my kids are obsessed with their biscuits and dip).  Then the next day, she blew out the candles on her cake, shared with her closest friends in church.  After lunch, she visited her Lolo Bio, right before we topped the weekend with their annual back to school overnight camp out, so she got to spend the whole afternoon and night with two of her best friends. 

Gosh, what a busy birthday weekend, but she was one happy little girl. 

Thank you, Lord for her life. You are good and Your love endures in this sweet little heart you continue to grow before us.

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