Happy Birthday, Ma!

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Happy birthday to my mom, who has been the catalyst of all things dear to my siblings + me. Since I can remember, she is one not in the fashion to spend on herself; she’d indulge on other things like projects- sewing, crafting, gardening- making beauty out of very ordinary things. Every spring, I’d walk through her garden to look at the old + new flowers that she has taken time to care for, + I’m amazed with how many of them have survived the transplanting. So today, I know she will probably be giving more than treating herself to something. Happy birthday, Ma. We celebrate with you today even though we can’t be there. We are praying for you and hope your 70th year reminds you of all that you have given of yourself to those that love you. Your arduous labor is not in vain + your example shows even through your grandchildren. Love you, Ma.

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