Ben + Sarah: His Love Is Strong

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Saturday was an eventful day, as we witnessed two amazing friends start their lives in marriage. I walked partnered with Rogie, as her two youth leaders during her teenage years, so memories of her with the youth came in like floodgates. Seeing her strength and resilience, her unwavering love, faithfulness, and service to God made me admire the woman she has become. Also, I remember one of the first interactions I had with Ben; Rogie + I sat with him during Agape in church and interviewed him, seeing what his intentions were with Sarah. With a penchant for learning, literature, and education, seeing these two serve together in the church shows their partnership- going beyond themselves and having a purpose as a team, something I’ve always admired in young couples.

Sarah + Ben, congrats guys. We love you both! Perze + I were so honored, by the way, singing the song you chose. It has become a beacon and a promise I remind myself in odd times- “His love is strong.” 

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