Elle On Her Knees

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Prayer time clipart clipart kidI’ve been sick in bed for 3 days now. Elle finally couldn’t take my absence, so she came in the room crying for me to get better so she can finally hug me. She said she almost started crying in school just remembering me sick at home. After a small reassuring talk, she left the room. An hour later, she came back into the room and asked if she can pray for me, and so she did.

Warms my heart.

What I love most about having girls is their extremely open loving nature and easy feeling to communicate verbally.  My girls always ask me for quality time, when they want me to hug them on my bed, just talking.  They will ask me questions and it becomes a time when they can feel safe opening up something that’s in their minds, and I can verbalize how much they are loved.  

Elle is our most emotionally needy- she lives by hugs, so when I was sick and wasn’t able to hug me, she had such a hard time.  My love.

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