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“Christmas is in the Heart”. SJBCI Choir 2018. Praise God for your continued service to minister through music + uplift souls to think about God’s gift of love this Christmas through Jesus’ birth. Thank you for being a vehicle of praise and allowing others to see your hearts as you magnified Christ. To God be the glory, choir. Continue serving Him + May our hearts bow before Him in every season. 

They always bring me back to remember that Ministry is about people. If I do not preach Christ, if I do not point your heart to Him, I fail in this ministry. Thank you for keeping me in check. And then, of course, we can come together through the music. Thank you choir, for not giving up.

Additionally, job well done to the SJBCI Kids’ Choir as they presented the music of “Jingle Bell Beach”. Their courage to execute those solos and excitement to sing were encouraging acts to witness. Their journey in their faith, musicianship, and servanthood are all a wonder to behold. The first practice, they were 100% hesitant to even think of performing a solo, but by the end of the last practice, almost all of them VOLUNTEERED for solos. Praise the Lord!

Thank You Lord for these kids. 

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