Back to School. Now three of three!

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It’s back to school!  Praise the Lord, we were able to get everything in order with registration, tests, and school prep for their first day in a new school!! They’re positive, excited, and so ready to face the challenges- scholastic + social.

Emma is officially in middle school. New school vibes, so there were a lot of changes Em had to already go through in this school system. But we’re confident she’ll adapt and sword-of-omens this year in the face.

Zi is taking on the role of veteran and big sister to Elle as she’ll be explaining all the ropes, even if this school is also new to Zi. She’s Sandy Olssen on the outside, but Stephanie Zanoni on the inside…

We can’t believe Elle is in KINDERGARTEN! Yay! She was so excited today because there so many FIRSTS in store. Pretty sure she’ll try to be the funny one in her class; she’s confident like Kelly Kapowski, a go getter like Jesse Spano, and sassy like Lisa Turtle. But deep down, she’s mischievous like Zach Morris.

Get ’em, girls! Girl power!!

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