Before You Go

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Leading the girls in family devotion the night before their first day of school.  We knew the girls were all going to face new challenges, being in a new school and having left their old friends, the familiarity of their previous campus, schedules, and policies, and scholastic standing. And even Elle, who will be going into her first year of school.  There will be a number of changes, but as parents, we know God loves them, and He will be with them with every second we cannot. We have faith they will not only find their way, but have that reminder of who they are in God’s family, to be the salt in their personal spheres. 

We’re praying for all the students out there. Continue to stand your ground, and be the change you want to see, to find your voice in this very confident and loud world. Strive for excellence and pursue the love for learning and knowledge.

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