Elle Turns 5

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Happy birthday to my not-so-little beloved Elleonai who turns 5 today. Last year, she learned how to skate, ride a bike with training wheels, swim under water without Floaties, indoor rock climb, read, write her full name, hula hoop, whistle, love the Beatles + Abba, make simple meals, ride really tall rides, was a flower girl for 3 weddings, and met Mickey Mouse + Jollibee. She is opinionated, super social, outgoing, vocal, and extremely brave to new activities. We are quite surprised with her ability to try new things even if she is this small little girl…her courage is immense. She is also very sassy, prone to make a myriad of facial gestures that can even be sarcastic and extra. But she is an amazing little girl, who already knows what it means to be a loyal friend, an understanding sister, a responsible worker, a mini leader, and can melt her way into the hearts of her parents. Not to mention, she has such a mature sense of humor for her age and weird interests…I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said ,”Peppa pig and a model of gray matter.” What a pleasure to raise her. 

We thank our families and friends who make up our village that surround her with encouragement and love. It doesn’t go unnoticed, so thank you. We praise God for His love for her, exponentially more than we ever can. We pray Psalms 121 over your life today, silly girl.

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