Help for Tatay Perl: Fundraiser

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Three weeks ago, our family traveled to the Philippines to witness and celebrate the wedding of Perze’s youngest brother, Joshua.

We didn’t expect that at our arrival, we also got the news that Tatay Perl, Perze’s dad, had suffered 2 heart attacks just prior his arrival to Tagum. He immediately was admitted to the ICU of the city’s hospital. For two weeks, under doctor’s orders, he stayed to regain strength so they can transfer him to another hospital in Davao which dealt with cardiac surgery.

Tatay and Nanay unfortunately were not able to attend Joshua’s wedding, an event ambivalently filled with joy and sadness.

We had to leave the Philippines filled with such uncertainty, leaving Tatay to the medical team, and the rest of the family to pull together in unity to help each other through this tough time. Since then, we’ve been praying for God’s provision and help, clinging to hope, and trusting that God loves Tatay, and His love covers our fear.

So far, we’ve seen people act as such amazing blessings in this story. I wish I could name them all, but thinking about them really moves my heart as I write this. People have been moving so that things fall into place and I thank God for such acts of love.

Perze and his family have set up a fundraiser to cover the medical costs for the surgery and aftercare. I implore anyone reading this, if you can spare any donation, it would be appreciated. (L I N K   B E L O W)

There’s so much to say about who Tatay is; as a daughter in law, I am proud and encouraged by the life he lives and the countless lives he arduously invests in. We are praying for you, Tatay. for Tatay Perl

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