IG Photos from the Ababa Wedding

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Some stills I took on my iPhone. I hardly took pictures because I was a part of the wedding.  I wish I took more pictures of Perze’s and my families…but truth be told, my 3.5 inch heels were killing me. Here are just some from my IG. 

My little flower ? girls. This is their 5th wedding they’ve had the honor of being in, and they love it EVERY time because of the poofy dresses, picture taking, hair dids, and the make up. Every 5 minutes, Elle kept asking if her lipstick was still on.

Really honored that her Tito Joshua and Tita Rose Ann trusted Emma to play the violin during the bridal march, a piece entitled “The Bride Wore White”. This was her first time playing at a wedding, and the violin had to be borrowed a few days before the wedding. Nevertheless, she took directions professionally. Really proud of her.

My parents’ first time in Davao. ? We couldn’t tour too much to see what Davao had to offer because of dire circumstances, but I’m thankful they were able to attend Joshua’s wedding and accompany us for a week.  I’m thankful of their generosity, their care for the girls as we traveled, and the company during those waiting moments.


So at the reception, the DJ asked everyone, “who here believes in forever?” Perze quickly raised his hand high. ? He was the only one who raised his hand. ? Everyone thought it was sweet; so afterwards, I asked him, “so you really believe in forever?!” He said, “yes, forever in debt.”





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