Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Ababa

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Mr. And Mrs. Joshua Ababa.

What a whirlwind of circumstances in just a couple of days, but what I love is how his family will cling together and cling to God’s sovereignty and goodness, despite and amidst everything. Weddings are a perfect reminder that one day, God will come for his bride, and there we will find rest, love, and abounding home. As Joshua and Rose Ann made their promises together, their smiles reaching to their future, I couldn’t help but pray for the years that will follow this day, the harder days that will come to test their hearts and mettle to hold each other and trust God. They’ve had a foretaste yesterday as Nanay and Tatay were not able to be present.  Under the circumstances, we praise God for their happy union, with a beautiful day and blessed wedding.

To God be the glory for the end of their dating story and the start of their life as one.

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