Emma Turns 12

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Happy birthday to my beloved Emma.

Honestly, I’m so thankful for this girl’s heart. She has one of the biggest hearts I know, so ready to give to those around her, and so easy to forgive those that hurt her. I’ve seen this many times this year, with how she tries to help her friends in school by tutoring them in subjects they have a hard time with. She’s a constant encouragement to friends, the usual peacemaker between people, and even when people have said mean things to her, she has always had an open heart to forgive them. I also see this in our family, how she tends to her younger sisters; I even catch her teaching Zi ways to get better in playing her violin or reading to Elle, or playing with Elle even though the game might seem juvenile for her age.

Emma is also so determined for her age, trying out for solos in her school choir, being 1st violin in her orchestra, getting on principal’s list, writing a song to sing to her teachers, getting to green belt in PAMA, getting into the science fair and advanced math, being in the children’s church choir, & finally joining the ensemble in violin school. I’m so proud of this girl tackling all her responsibilities with such willingness. I love you, Emma. How beautiful it is to raise you, to know you more each year. God bless you my love. 

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