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Yesterday was our SixNineteen wedding anniversary. For the first time in 13 years, we spent the entire day cleaning, me with a vacuum and him with a carpet washer. Me compiling bags of trash and him taking it out to the dumpster. We tag teamed carrying heavy furniture and heavy boxes. He shredded two huge bags of bills while I went through piles of the girls’ artwork, school work, and pictures. We even skipped our anniversary dinner yesterday and fell asleep after watching The Bachelorette. I was wobbly walking upstairs, so he carried a sleeping Elle in his arms to bed. After 13 years, we are still growing to walk in step with each other, complimenting one another as equal partners, although sometimes very different in our natures. After 13 years, I can honestly say holding his hand through it, praying together through the hard times, laughing like kids in the silliness of little things, and working to support and love each other has made life so worthwhile.

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