2017 Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to my husband who is such a loving and giving dad to our girls. Every day, at the sound of the door handle jiggling, the girls would stampede, running quickly and loudly down the stairs , excited to greet Perze from a long day at work. They would grab his hand for a blessing as their voices would compete with each other to see who would get those share their day’s news. And all you’d hear is countless cries for “Tatay! Tatay!” Every day, I would witness these overlooked daily reunions, and I realize how his presence creates such an excitement in them.

How you are loved, Perze. Thank you for who you are; we are the more for it. We love you more than bacon.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad, who used to wake up extra early to go to work every day and have time to cook us breakfasts that came with rice and coffee ??. When I was in high school, I remember looking forward to a Filipino breakfast and coffee made by my dad, urging us that our education relied on a full stomach. Surely enough, those breakfasts also usually slowed us down on our daily sprints to the bus stop. ?????? But those small memories make me grateful for those overlooked acts of love from my dad. Thank you, Pa. Happy Father’s Day.

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