Zienne Turns 8

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Happy birthday to our beloved Zienne. Year 7 has been a year of progress and firsts: learning how to rollerblade, playing keyboard for praise and worship, learning chords on the piano, going to Disney World, watching musicals in the theater, swimming at the deep end, growing in her permanent front teeth, cooking her first dish, learning cursive, and graduating Book 1 in violin. Sometimes we don’t notice that these little things and experiences are shaping the things that will take up big spaces in her heart, so I’m praying that we will take the time to encourage her to the things pulling at her.


To Zienne’s tribe, who are there to speak words to her that may shape who she will be tomorrow, thank you. You don’t have to give her attention, but you smile at her, tell her things to let her known she is seen, compliment her so she will know what sweet words can do, encourage her when she sits on a fence of insecurity, laugh with her to cheer her heart, teach her to feed her soul, and pray for her when Perze and I know we do not hold her universe in control.

We thank God for how she speaks to our hearts the way only she can; how she sneaks into our bed in the morning sometimes after she wakes up super early to say goodbye to her older sister, how she asks us to tell her our childhood stories, how she thinks we do not see her when she sings her favorite songs or tries to learn the piano, or how she takes forever to try to put together the right outfit and hairstyle for school. We thank God for His beautiful hands upon her life, for her permanent two front teeth that grew in, for her smile that is slowly learning not to be so self conscious, and her voice that is learning confidence. We are learning as a family, as parents, to pray together more, out loud, allowing Zienne to air her heart to God’s throne, and hearing words of thanksgiving of His faithfulness in her life, her sisters’ lives, our lives, and those in our circles. 

We hope this will be a new year for her to know how loved she is, how unique and special she can be, and that she is not too young to be a blessing to those who will cross her path. 

We praise God for another year! We love you, anak! Psalm 20, my love.

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