Integrity in a leader

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Leadership while trying to live with integrity is like walking a tightrope sometimes. You have to decide whether you will be a character help and encouragement or otherwise, to put your ego aside sometimes to love others even when things may be unlovable. 
I know a handful of pastors who weep for God’s work, who toil despite discouragement, and often times I don’t get to verbally state my appreciation for their calling. 
As I get older, the years of watching the same people get back up again after to love God’s flock, as part of that leadership, I realize that silently, I’ve learned to also pattern through that example of what I’ve observed. It gives me encouragement in the ministries where I am planted. I am encouraged to pray more, to love despite hurt, to toil because there are needs, and to be an example to my children because they are watching and have so many questions about what they notice after the day is done. 

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