Easter 2017: Love Demands Sacrifice

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Every time I think of the cross, I think, “LOVE DEMANDS SACRIFICE.” It puts so much into perspective in my own life, my personal relationships, and especially my relationship with Jesus. What do I sacrifice? Although His sacrifice can never be matched, I am brought to remember the things I’ve learned since I was a baby in the faith, to learn to live by dying to this world and to myself, to pick up my cross to follow Him, to be a living testimony, and to embody love by following His commandments. It’s not easy, but the song says, “have you been to Calvary?” I’m thankful that I can never have attained salvation on my own, and this life I would never be able to walk alone. Because Jesus lives, I can live loved, with hope despite of whatever happens tomorrow, and to live with a purpose greater than living for my own gain. 

In preparation for Easter, we saw Passion of the Christ as a family at a movie event in our church. Elle sat with me and asked so many questions. This picture shows her inability to see difficult parts in the beginning. They had to go downstairs after a while because the torture intensified exponentially.

When we got home, Elle felt very emotionally confused and fearful. It gave us an opportunity to really discuss with the girls that sometimes we have to revisit that fear and sadness of Easter, to understand the depth of love Jesus had for man. We asked her if she knew Jesus loved her, and she said, “a million times infinity, He took the spiky ‘palo'” instead of us. And having revisited the sadness, we also revisit the hope and victory, because of His resurrection.

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