Elle Turns 4

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Our little love turns 4 today.


Our family is so blessed with her life, her confident and sassy, yet loving personality- protective and caring to those she is close to. Three year old Elle LOVES to sing, watch videos, play in the park, go crazy in any water source, cuddle, go to movies, pretend play, and try to do everything her sisters can do. She has always challenged herself to play the game of catch-up, which is probably why she hits all her milestones much earlier than Emma or Zi. Although she’s not too keen with writing her letters and words, she jumps at any chance to read her books, which is why one of her fav hot spots is “Barnes and Nebbles” ?. She’s also pretty fearless when it comes to new things, like swimming and climbing, but deathly afraid of any bug! If you know her, she’s pretty vocal and even dispenses sarcasm, and has an impressive sense of humor! At 3, she can catch you Pokemon, sing a couple of ABBA and Beatles songs, recite 12 Bible verses, tell you her full name, make you a cup of coffee, sing some measures from Bach, tell you the cast in Pride and Prejudice, build a Minecraft world, put a puzzle together, tell you some of the elements in the periodic table, draw you stick people which undoubtedly resemble amoebas, and cooperate in making short videos of Ate Elle for the “Ate Elle Show”.


Happy birthday, little nut! We love you heaps!


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