Emma Turns 11

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My eldest daughter turns 11 today.

Time is a thief, but I remember telling myself to consciously look intently at her face when she was born, because I knew days like this would come. I didn’t know she would have this smile, that her voice was most loveliest when she sings harmony. I didn’t know her hair would curl and shape her face longer when she grows it out. And her features come second to who she is. This year, I found out she wrote letters to her friend who was having a hard time coping because her dad had a serious illness, tutoring her math during her free time. She stood up in front of her peers to speak in behalf of her teacher. She spent so much time teaching Zi songs on her violin, impressing their teacher with Zi’s quick ability to pass the songs. Just some small markers that show us who she is becoming.

So they are days like this when I’m reminded to stop and look, because time is a thief and tomorrow will come asking for what I remember. Love you so much, Emmanuelle. 

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