Last Day of School 2016

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My Zienne finished 1st grade today.


She has really grown into the shoes set before her in the beginning of the school year, now being independent in waking herself up and getting herself and her belongings in order and on time for school. She works efficiently in class and at home when completing her homework and violin practice. I can really see that her personality is the type to just get things done.


Although still a little shy, she is brave enough to occasionally initiate in helping her peers with reading. Also, the last few weeks of school, she was hard at work making bracelets for the girls in her class, including her teacher. 

Job well done, Zi!



Emma had such positive experiences in 5th grade.


What I’ve learned most about her is her outgoing personality to try so many new things to stretch her skills, even without our prodding. She became involved with so many things and tried out for several activities. She has shown to be a natural leader among her peers, and a helper to her friends who might have needed her, scholastically or emotionally. I love that she did really well in all her subjects, but I am really proud of how her character is being built as well, the areas that cannot be given a grade or be easily measured.

It was an eye opener for her this year, particularly because it was the first year she received number grades, which meant everything counted towards the percentage of her grade at the end of each marking period. Everything was weighted, so even her homework needed proper attention. It gave her an introduction to proper studying, time management, and even planning ahead.

As a 5th grader, she was received into the 6th grade orchestra in the fall and then the 6th grade elite orchestra in the spring. She also didn’t join chorus until spring, upon recommendation of her teachers.  That spring, she participated in the 5th grade Conservatory Chorus. 

Job well done, Monkey!

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