Zienne Turns Seven

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Our beloved Zienne Noelle turns 7 today.  Last night, I prayed over her before she went to bed, and this morning, her dad read her life verses to her when she woke up.


Zienne is usually known for shadowing her older sister, but we are starting to see glimpses of her life outside of the younger sister bubble. At school, she usually helps some peers in reading. Her teacher is so amazed that Zi would take time to independently insert herself into that role. I guess it helps that she has Elle, who Zi patiently teaches to read.


What I love most are the moments when she is finding what is shaping her to what she is meant to become, like when I catch her singing in her room, practicing or perfecting different skills in her voice, or when she is at the piano or on her violin, plucking out a melody that she’s heard, even though I haven’t taught her how to play it. Sometimes, I even hear her composing a song, belting out her voice on the piano while she tries to play chords. Or I’ll find a story she wrote in a random notebook.



Zienne is also so loving. Surprisingly, she is the one who reaches out to her Tito Fred and Tita LJ so she can facetime baby Zara. She will also text them several times during the week to say hello. She will do the same thing to her Tito Mike and Tita Kristie so she can coo on baby Elaine. She is so in love with her baby cousins. I think, babies in general, she’s really starting to show her deep fascination and attraction to caring for them.

Her best friend right now is Emma. Although she loves and acts as the older sister to Elle, Emma is Zienne’s personal hero. Emma is the coolest, the trendiest, the biggest influence on Zienne. If Emma wants to cut her hair, Zi will sacrifice her locks that took her years to grow.  If Emma loves a specific color, like Tiffany Blue, Zi will try to choose or monopolize all the Tiffany Blue items like clothes, bags, iphone cases, crayons, markers, bedsheets, etc. 

Zienne is pretty shy in public, yet her teacher assures me that most of the kids in her class gravitate towards her even through her shy demeanor.  We will see what this year holds for Zi. I think my main prayer is for her to be more brave, the way she is when caring for her peers or when she goes after specific achievements. I hope she will continue building and using her voice, knowing the amount of wisdom and talent she has, and how people around her are cheering her on. She is so dearly loved and we are so blessed to raise her, know her, see her grow, and experience her happiness and laughter through parents’ eyes.


We love you, Zienne. We are so thankful for your life. Happy birthday, my love. 

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