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It’s been a while since I did a fashion blog, so here goes.

This Valentine’s annual dinner and dancing, the theme is “Sailing Through the Years”, a salute to all things nautical. Now, I’m not going to lie; I almost thought of buying some anime looking get up, like dressing up like Sailor Mars, but I would have stuck out like a buoy in the ocean. So, I decided to flirtatiously look around at the stores in the mall, and what do you know?! The nautical look has MADE A COMEBACK, folks. I mean, Anthro, GAP, Banana Rep., Black and White Market, etc.; there are stripes on stripes, navy blue all over the racks, as if Popeye threw up a whole can of nautical spinach.

So, I thought of doing a blog homage to the naughty nautical look. Here are some dresses I would have chosen this year.  Anchors away!

Or you can go casual, and rock those yummy flared high waisted front pocket sailing pants…
(which they are also selling in GAP)

Then you’ve got to give it up for GAP for making things more apparent as they are by spelling it out in their shirts.

(voyager : captain : sail away)

And for the men…well…any of these will do.


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