Elle’s Random Recollections

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While watching the Home Alone movies, Elle listened to the opening theme song and noticed, “it sounds like Harry Potter.” (The first time she watched Harry Potter was 2 weeks ago.) So I looked it up and they’re somewhat similar. Observant kid.

She always impresses me with her memory.

The other day, I was doing one of those adult coloring things on my iphone app- a picture of the Japanese bridge over lily pads by Monet. She looked at it and said, “Hey, we went there!” I was so intrigued because we’ve never been to that actual bridge, but last fall, we did go to Grounds for Sculptures where they recreated somewhat of a Monet painting with the lily pads.  I’m so impressed that she remembered such a fleeting image. My little 3 year old’s senses are impacted, and somehow embedded into her brain…a melody she hears once, or a place she’s visited.

This is what I was coloring on the Colofly app that Elle saw.

This is Monet’s painting of the water lilies.

This is the place we visited last fall, a recreation of that bridge and water lilies in the painting.

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