Morning Conversations with Elle

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This morning:

Elle: Mamam, you be Elleonai and I’ll be Mamam.
Me: ok.
Elle: Elleonai? Where’s my iPhone?
Me: Downstairs, charging. 
Elle: When it’s done, I want to use my iPhone.


*thinking of ways I can maximize on being Elle, so I say*


Me: Mamam, guess what? At night, I get to sleep in the middle. I get to hug Tatay’s (Dad) cold arm and you don’t. Tatay hugs only me, because he’s my love, not your love.


*i see elle thinking, looking at me, then replies*


Elle: Elleonai…Tonight…You sleep with your Ates (older sisters). You sleep with your Ates, and I’ll sleep with Tatay, MY LOVE, only me.


*well played. so well played*

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