Happy 2016, Squad!

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This is our last selfie of 2015. What a year it has been. We took so many trips this year, more than usual, all with different memories to strengthen our family as well as our relationships with the Fabila and Ababa families. We also were able to add three more members to the family- Tita Fritz, and the two cousins- Elaine and Zara. Perze and I continue to be amazed with where our family is going, seeing with each year, new possibilities for our daughters to give a little more of who they are. Aside from their accomplishments in school and outside activities, we’re starting to see their involvement in ministry, seeing their interest in singing/playing their violins during offerings. Emma also has started to show interest in teaching, having had some small opportunities telling bible stories to the younger class or among her peers (she definitely inherited this from me). 🙂

So, happy new year, friends…readers! (This is our first cheesy picture of 2016 together)…

We are twelvesixteen strong, by God’s grace. I want to leave you with one thing…wherever you are in life…know you are loved. This world is already filled with too much hatred and ugliness, intolerance, revenge as justice, and selfishness. But there is still beauty, and part of that beauty, is the truth that you are loved. Run after it.

God bless you, friends.

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