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I’ve noticed that every Christmas, I’ve been asking friends and acquaintances to give to some charitable cause, aid relief to countries affected by natural devastation…I realize that no one wants to be bothered by sad news, esp. be asked to give a little more from their pressured pockets already burdened by the annual shelling out for Christmas presents for family and friends.  No one wants to feel guilted and see pictures of little kids whose lives and reality are set with a new norm of homelessness, displacement, and great loss. Sometimes I even feel like asking for $10 seems like a great annoyance…

Wow, it makes me sad. It makes me sad because I feel guilty that I can’t give more than what I have given. It’s always like that, isn’t it? We think we can’t give because we have no more to give…but that’s not the real truth, because the $5 we can give to the relief fund is spent on the starbucks drink we buy tomorrow. *sigh*

We only want joy on Christmas, good times, good news, not to be asked to give some more because of some sad news from a distant country in need.

But the first Christmas wasn’t solely joyful, because a Father had given His only Son. He gave until it hurt; that was His passion for a broken world in need. I can’t. Every time I think about it, I’m brought to such an unworthy state. And I think about my Christmas…what I need to really start teaching my kids about giving.

So here I am, asking people who hear to give again…on Christmas…

If you can sacrifice even $5, $10…please consider giving to the relief fund for the victims on Typhoon Nona. My brother has partnered with people directly in the area who are aiding with the relief effort.

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