the man with muddy shoes

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I was on a motorcycle cab traveling with my younger brother and his wife to grab a late dinner when a man hailed the cab that we were in. The man sat across from me. I acknowledged him by nodding. He nodded back and proceeded to explain why he was wearing very muddy shoes. 

Frankly, I didn’t notice it until he told me because of how dark the cab was. He mentioned the rain and a national boy scout event. He was helping out a local troop set their tents when the rain came down earlier that day. There was a freak thunderstorm which forced some of the campsites to be submerged in water. They had to elevate some areas with a makeshift levee through the help of local communities. 

He asked me if I am part of the visiting scouts and I said no. He also asked me if I heard of an accident that involved a truck and a passenger vehicle with scouts in it. Apparently the truck tried to swerve away from road debris and swerved into a passenger vehicle full of kids. We passed by that said truck and you can see how bad that that accident was. 

All of the kids were okay, but one. That kid is in a nearby hospital recovering. 

We reached our destination and wished the man well. He acknowledge me by nodding then he looked back down at his muddy shoes. 

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