Beauty: A Subjective Look

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I don’t normally do this, but I found this text conversation very comforting, as one of my dear friends randomly opened up a huge question before us.  It ended up being a realization about friendship.

Rogie : Seriously, in your opinion, what makes a person beautiful? 

Marchesa : Humility and service.  When someone gives of themselves selflessly and helps people.

Rogie : Amen to that

Marchesa : Why

Rogie : Its a good topic of conversation/discussion. Also a good self evaluation. SELFLESSLY is the key

Perze : being selfless is different from being beautiful .  I’ll stick with the quote: beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Marchesa : That’s too general. But personally, if you’re asked what connotes beauty to you, it becomes subjective

Perze : This jeep can’t be selfless but Rogie will think it’s beautiful.  That’s why it’s in the eye of the beholder 

Marchesa :  The question was mr Perze, what makes a person beautiful

Perze : there’s “generic” standards of beauty 

Marchesa : I think it was meant to be a personal subjective question

Perze : A blind person would describe beauty differently

Marchesa : He’s not asking a blind person. He asked you

Perze : He didn’t ask me. He asked us

Marchesa : What makes someone beautiful to you.  Lols. Ya but I answered ?

Perze : So is it collective subjective? Or is it still personal subjective?

Marchesa : Personal

Perze : I think people who don’t stop learning are beautiful

Marchesa : Ok. I’ll go learn new recipes today 

Perze :  It also depends on context. if you are stuck in an island with only another person, your perception of beauty changes. that’s the other thing … Beauty as truth or beauty as perception. will beauty change? Is it fleeting? Or is it immortal? Should beauty stand the test of time?

Marchesa : I think those things are “presently” irrelevant if the question is simply, “what do you find beautiful in a person?” You are not answering for yourself 20years from now.  You are answering for what you know of yourself. Of course that may change but that’s not the question

Perze : do you think it’s easier to answer the question about ugliness than beauty?

Rogie : Lol

Marchesa : oh i can answer that. purely subjectively of course

Rogie :  This escalated 

Perze : Still subjective 

Marchesa : lols. this is how we show love

Perze : I think hitler tried to answer that ugliness question

Marchesa : ok rogie. what makes a person ugly

Rogie : Hmmm. To answer my original question first.  I also think that humility is beautiful .  Integrity is beautiful 

Marchesa : ?

Rogie : As i got older i found it more the character of the person more beautiful and more important than their looks

Marchesa : agreed. 100%

Perze : these are core beliefs

Rogie : So you can be sooo beautiful from the outside but so rotten inside . Thats uglyness

Perze : beauty as a physical manifestation vs a characteristic

Marchesa : agreed. i think what attracts us to other people are essentially what we prioritize as “beautiful”

Rogie : Yup

Marchesa :  i guess that’s how we end up choosing our friends as we get older…

Rogie : So true


Discussion Questions:
1. What makes a person beautiful (TO YOU)?
2. What makes them ugly?

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