Back To School: First Day

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One of the saddest songs on this earth must be Leaving On a Jet Plane. It has to be. I mean, “I’d hate to wake you up to say goodbye…” must be one of the loneliest images because it must be an incredibly early flight because everyone but him is asleep. The knowledge of inevitability, and being the first to feel that is a huge burden, to feel alone in that misery during that minute moment because the other part of your heart is still dreaming.

This has really no relation to what I’m about to blog about- the girls’ first day of school. But as I looked out Emma’s window and saw all the leaves blowing and falling onto the ground, it reminded me that it is soon fall. It is a whisper of fall. It is a sign that we must start getting ready to bear near coldness and chill, that seasons are passing the baton again, and it will soon be time for pensive moments over coffee. 

I guess it’s because Elleonai’s birthday quickly passed and hit me unexpectedly and I’m once again catching up on writing about her milestones. And because the girls are now in different school buildings, diverging somehow into different influences. So I guess there is this metaphoric jet plane. 

But we had a good devotion last night before bedtime, when we read how Jesus wants them to go on an adventure with Him…for them to realize that their everyday, they are to see things differently because He is with them. He wants them to know that He places things before them, that He is helping them, that He is the seeming “coincidences”- the One giving blessings and even miracles. I reminded them that He is their protector, their best friend, their guide, their teacher, and their cheerleader. Then I blessed them and prayed over them and their cousins who will also be going to school. 

When they were asleep, I organized my calendar for all their important school dates, packed their bags, filled out their forms, labeled all their belongings, picked out their outfits, wrote on their ‘1st day blackboards’, and had Perze scan all their info. This is Emma’s first day in the middle school, so we woke up at 6:30am and got ready, took pictures. Then I rinsed the repeated the same for Zienne at 8am. Thankfully, Perze was there so see them off as well on their 1st day. Here’s the juice:


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