Elle Turns 3

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Happy birthday to our beloved Elleonai, who turns 3 today. She is filled with amazing surprises, esp. With her adamant nature of conquering challenges of independence so she could show us that she could be just like her older sisters. Everywhere we go, strangers come up to me to ask how old she is because she’s usually very very garrulous and loud, so her conversations are not normally what 2 year olds say, mainly also because she is so influenced by the older ones. Some of my favorites is when she says, “it’s kinda like”, “I’ll do it myself” and “seriously” or “don’t judge me, I’m a fox today” and when she starts out a conversation with “actually”. If you sit down and talk with her, chances are you’d laugh over her sense of humor. I’m telling you now that I feel she’s gonna be the funniest of the three. She also has a deep love for music and singing, catching lyrics & learning songs very quickly and even controlling what we listen to during our car rides. She really enjoys singing in public, on stage, in Target, on the toilet… She is definitely a different force from her sisters, and an absolute joy to love and raise. Praise God for your life, Elle. We pray Psalms 121 over you today. Love you, songbird.?#?elleonaisummer? ?#?elleturns3? ?#?twelvesixteen? ?#?birthdaygirl? ?#?birthday?

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