Emma Turns 10

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My little Emmanuelle turns 10 today. 10 seems so young but you should see what her 10 year old heart looks like. She is one of the most loving, nurturing, forgiving people I know, who keeps a smile hidden in her back pocket in case of storms. She works hard for the chase of what calls to her personality and even harder to which doesn’t come so naturally. Her courage is greater than her fears. Her forgiveness, stronger than her hurt. Her laughter, louder than her sorrows. We are proud, not just of her accomplishments, but who she is, & who she is becoming. Happy birthday, monkey. We love you to the farthest moon.

[We had a mini photoshoot for the picture above. I love styling the girls the day before their birthday and taking tons of pictures for their bday announcements.]

(stay tuned for an update on how we celebrated the big one-zero!)

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