Father’s Day 2015

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I always tell my daughters behind Perze’s back that they are so blessed to have him as their dad. It is often said in whispers, in the quiet of serious thoughtful conversations when it will linger in their minds and curl into their hearts. I hope as they get older, they will really learn to see this in their eyes, because he continues to show his devotion, sacrifice, nurturing, and love. Happy Father’s Day, Perze ! You are loved.


Happy Father’s Day to my papa, who continues to be a source of love that branches out to his grandchildren who dotes on them, makes them laugh, and serves them to make sure they are happy and feel loved. 

Happy Father’s Day to all my friends and family, esp. to my brother Fred, who will soon fill some big shoes of his own in a couple of weeks, my brother in law Mike, who is enjoying his first Father’s Day, and my other brother in law Sam who is loved by my sweet nephews and niece. I’m pretty proud of them and continue to lift them up in prayer today.  It’s not easy. Also, to my father in law- Tatay, who is the one man my husband has learned from, and continues to be a source of wisdom and support. 

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