Elle’s Prayer for Her Sisters

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Last night, during bedtime, Elle took my hands and said, “let’s pray for Ate.”  Heart quickly melting, I waited to hear what she would pray. It went like this:

“Jesus, please take care of Ate in school. I go to school when I’m 4 or 5. I’m going to have a birthday. All my friends are coming. Lord. Amen.”

I LOVE learning what is in that 2 year old brain of hers. Often times, I’m surprised, impressed.  Then there is all the things I learn about what is in that 2 year old heart of hers, and I’m moved beyond words. She can be a very opinionated little 2 year old, knowing exactly how she feels and verbalizing it accurately, but she can also show how complicated her little heart is, loving those that have been showing her love.


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