Elleonai at 2 years 9 months

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I should update on my little nut, Elle. I guess after her first year, the milestones have become expected, so I haven’t been as excited writing about them.  I mean, having had two kids before her, it seems redundant, but I know many years down the road, she’ll click on her link and want to read how much I love her, how proud I am of her, how impressed, how tickled, how bewildered, how blessed my life is because of her.

So, it’s no surprise that her language has surpassed all her sisters’ milestones, having started to talk in phrases at 1.5 years, so by around 2, she started speaking in sentences.  But now, the sentences have turned into conversations, dialogues, interviews, hilarious thoughts, fights, monologues, complaints.  She speaks like a 3-4 year old, with the most impressive sense of humor, sarcasm, and even wit.  She will conjure up something smart to say just to get out of doing something.

For example, last weekend, her lola wanted her to change out of her church clothes.  She has a penchant for dresses so she told her lola, “that used to my my shirt when I was smaller. It doesn’t fit me anymore. It’s too small.”  My mom asked me how she remembered that it used to be her shirt when she was younger.  I told her that it was never her shirt, that she probably said that so she could get out of having to wear it.

Example number 2: she was eating a banana and didn’t finish all of it.  Lola told her that she had to finish all of it, to which she replied, “I’m not a monkey anymore, Lola.”


But what I love about her, is that even at 2, even before 2, it was easier to get her to do something if I got to her level and really logically explained what and why. This was really helpful when I started potty training her. If she understood the what and why, she felt like she could make the decision.

For example:
Elle: Why do I have to go to sleep?
Me: Because it’s your punishment.
Elle: Because I got in trouble?
Me: Yes.
Elle: Because you got mad at me?
Me. Yes.
Elle: Because I do something wrong?
Me: Yes.
Elle: Because I draw on the couch?
Me: Yes!
Elle: OK. Good night, mamam.


Speaking of, she’s completely potty trained.  We started when she turned 2, and before she turned 2 and a half, she stopped wearing diapers, even through the night, even through day trips and long rides. Even when we went to the Philippines last April, she had no problems with using the potty.  We had absolutely no accidents…even when there was a possibility of finding a bathroom during travels. This was a huge burden off our backs since we didn’t have to pack bulky diapers or buy them along the way. No swim diapers. Nada. Thank you, Lord!


She knows all her letters and numbers, and is starting to have an interest in writing out some letters of the alphabet. She knows all her shapes, colors, counting.  She even has an impressive memory, now being able to recite 5 bible verses by herself. She has completely surpassed her older sisters at this skill when they were her age.  Sometimes, before bedtime, she will even ask me to test her recitation. She’s too cute.


But what she loves best? Music! She can learn new songs so quickly and will try so hard to sing the lyrics of her favorite songs- children’s songs, Christian songs, Kids Bop songs, pop radio songs…etc. And she sings in tune.  In this musical area, she is just like her older sisters. They tend to gravitate towards music, easily learning it and enjoying singing whenever they can. Since she’s quick in talking and memorization, it’s always a surprise to me when I hear her belt out a song that she loves.

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