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May 22, 2015.  Shared in the memory of TJ and Genny’s wedding last Friday. It was an honor being a secondary sponsor, as well as having Zienne and Elle as flower girls. I’ve known them since they were preteens.  Genny was one of the young believers that I taught as a youth leader. Seeing her as a  bride, walking down the aisle and saying her vows made me very emotional, feeling a bit of pride and happiness that she has found her way. She has paved her path to where she is today, and she is smiling, beaming with hope. What a wonderful way to start a marriage. 

Genny, TJ, thank you for the honor of having us at your wedding and participating in the ceremony. We will also be there for you in your marriage if you need us. God bless you both. We love you.

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