Mother’s Day 2015

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It is a sincere pleasure seeing all the posts of mothers for Mother’s Day. The sentiments are all so encouraging, seeing husbands give endearing words, children acknowledging their sacrifices, and families and friends reaching out to encourage each other in the beauty and struggle of motherhood. 

Happy Mother’s Day esp., to my mom, Ruth Fabila, who will always be a constant source of strength andlove. To my mother in law, Zenaida Ababa, who remains as an example of patience and prayer. My sister Stephanie Ng, who I see sacrifice so much of herself for her kids who love her. To my younger sisterMK Fabila Cornett, who is now learning the ropes and clocking in as a new mom, and my sister in law, LJ Fetalvero Fabila who will soon join in on the journey and chaos. To my sis in law Sweetie Nez who sacrifices so much to raise and love my sweet niece. 

And to the moms out there in my extended family, church, and friends who are now moms themselves, who I see lovingly raise their kids and nurture their homes. God bless all that you do! I am so encouraged by you.

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