Easter 2015

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Hello choir.

I just wanted to say thank you for again, another memorable cantata. Secretly, I always hope each cantata touches you in a specific yet profound way…how the music lifts your souls up to meditate on God’s authorship of not just our lives, but throughout the entire story of time- how although we are just such a minuscule part of it, we all each have a great responsibility to live our lives praising Him. I hope you always see your importance in that and the great opportunity to do so…even through this ministry.

Looking at some of the videos circulating through social media of some of our milestones, it gives me great affirmation of why we continue to strive for those arduous practices, and I hope you can see why sometimes I push you. I am very proud of how you take that push.

Beautiful dynamics, choir! Accurate cut offs and unified tone! And the soloists, despite your hesitance and wavering confidence in your musical skill, I’m glad you pushed through it and overcame your fears to sing unto the Lord. You see the beauty after the practices and courage. God bless your hearts for this ministry.

So blessed today, from waking up 4am for our Sonrise Service, to the SJBCI choir for their sacrifice and beautiful offering, to an afternoon and early evening with friends laughing and sharing while the kids had the opportunity to finally run outside with their friends for an egg hunt, to singing karaoke, and of course the eating breakfast with our church and lunch/dinner with the Young Pros (SKARS). Not to mention the blessing of family and friends scattered wishing a happy resurrection Sunday.

How beautiful most of all to know my Savior loves me and because He died, I can live, and because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Thank You Lord.

Happy resurrection Sunday!

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