Elle Hearts Books

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. There’s so much that have transpired since there were substantial words shared. I don’t want to get into heavier things at the moment, so I’ll write about a silly cute little girl that is still awake in front of me, playing with the last tangerine stuck in an orange net while singing Christmas songs the very last day of winter.

Tonight, we read 3 books alone for “bedtime”.  She’s voracious when it comes to reading time. 

So here’s a small convo we had.

Me: Time for Tom to go to sleep. The end. OK, it’s also time for Elle to go to sleep.
Elle: No, it’s time for Frozen.
Me: No, no Frozen.
Elle: OK, can I go on Ate’s iPhone? The thing is, I don’t have a iPad.

This is why I prefer reading so many books instead…too many people are becoming YouTube millionaires with the help of my toddler.

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