Solo Day at Giocoso Strings

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The girls had their winter solo day last Friday, despite being sick that week due to the snow piles and extreme cold weather. They’ve been having snow days that deterred them from attending school, so it gave them ample time to practice.

Emma is now in Book 2, playing “Long Long Ago”.
Zienne is in Book 1, playing “Allegro” with Emma supporting her with the duet part.

I’m really proud of the two girls, esp. Emma who is starting to realize the importance of refining the tone of her sound, but fixing the meticulous way she plays her bow and getting the slurs perfectly as instructed. I know it’s not easy to memorize multiple pieces while also remembering every correct slur, so I’m excited to many years down the road when it almost becomes second nature to her.

Zienne is doing quite well too, although still not completely familiar with her technique, but it also could be that she has a really bad violin. How do I know? Because the teacher told us Zi has a really bad violin. Sheesh…not like it cost us almost $300 or anything… *sigh*  We’re waiting her to go up a size.

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