Elleonai’s First Bible Memory Verse

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I remember teaching her older sisters this memory verse when they were about 3 years.  I taught them the simplified version around 2.5 years, “God loves me.” But Elle, I taught a little before 2 years, and the full verse at 2.5 years.  It’s because Elle really learned how to speak much earlier than her sisters. After she started speaking in sentences, I knew I could challenge her with memorizing because before she turned 2, she learned the simplified version of the memory verse they learned in VBS last summer.  So the beginning of this year, I slowly broke down John 3:16 so she could learn and review a little every day. 

It wasn’t always consistent but I would say the same thing when we’d review.  I’d say, “let’s say your memory verse. John 3:16” which prompted her to know what I was talking about.  So little by little, I’d do the same thing with her that I did with her sisters, learn a little, use different inflections, breaks, phrases, and facial expressions to trigger her memory. These are some techniques I learned to use from her sisters that would yield results in memorization. 

Perze and I are really proud of her. It’s amazing what a two year old can accomplish and understand sometimes, so I try to take Elle’s cues and see just where I can take her without forcing what is not yet there. 


Elle, you’re a joy. Seriously little songbird, you are a joy to us. I’m so proud of you, hearing such an amazing promise uttered from your lips and sweetest not so baby voice.

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