Happy New Year! Love, Twelvesixteen

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Happy New Year from the Ababa Family!

Let’s count down the top ten of 2014, shall we?

10. Perze’s job took him to several places this year- India, Cali, and DC. Let’s add the Philippines in that list for a short stay to visit family.

9. Emma had her first season of swimming lessons, so she can now dive and swim in the deep end.

8. Zienne has matriculated into a full school day as a kinder student. Her love for school and learning has even earned her as the first Peacemaker in her class for the month of October.  She also quickly learned how to read over the summer. Her fluency snowballed, helping her get to a high reading level for Kindergarten.

7. Elleonai learned how to talk in sentences, so she constantly makes us laugh with the things that she says, the things she learns, and it catches us off guard since she just turned 2 this year. Not even 2.5 years yet and she’s sung twice in the kids’ choir, once for the anniversary and once for Christmas.  She LOVES performing and doesn’t even get nervous.

6. Marchesa is chugging on busy with church ministries, esp. the music- choir events. She started new possibilities with the children’s choir. Marchesa added a new ministry to her plate, tackling the needs of the pre-teens, so she’s teaching their class every Sunday.

5. Emma and Zienne played their violins for church for the first time during Happy Birthday Jesus, playing ‘Joy to the World’. Also, Emma played a duet with Marchesa for the SJBCI Christmas Cantata. She played “Silent Night” on the violin while Marchesa played the piano.

4. Our family spent a week exploring Hershey, PA, visiting the park every day and spending much needed quality time enjoying the summer.

3. Perze started a new job with Johnson & Johnson, a tremendous blessing not just for him, but for the family, since he’s only 20 mins. away from work! Praise the Lord for answered prayers.

2. Elleonai learned how to use the potty, so for the most part, she’s potty trained. We’re still wary of when we’re out of the house since she’s still a little young, but at home, she’s independent in using the potty.

1. It was our first time taking all of the girls together to Sandy Cove, a very special place in our love story. It gives us a chance to retell our story to our kids, while renewing those promises that held excitement and fervor. 


Ok…this is what I can think of on the top of my head right now, even though there is a huge bucket to pick from.

We hope the new year continues to build our family, esp. with plans already in the making. God is good. We draw from the spring of Living Water, knowing our measure overflows from His goodness.  Happy New Year friends! 


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