The Holiday Shoe List for Girls

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So, holidays are upon us, from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, and New Years…

With that said, that means family pictures, parties, events, concerts, get togethers, dinners, etc. So for those fashion conscious moms/dads who have those adorable cherubs we call daughters, I’ve compiled the cutest shoes of the season!  Just a warning- the prices range from $5 to less than $100.  I wanted to cover my bases in case people are on a budget or have some room to splurge. 

I also didn’t include designer brands, well, just because I feel these have just a little more unique style. I also didn’t include high end boutiques because I don’t think anyone would appreciate a pair of shoes for over $100. 

So on with the show!

Braided Metallic Ankle Boots (Sale) $10.99 @ Old Navy

These days, it’s all about the ankle boots. High boots are still cute, but if you’re opting out of the classic style this season, go for the more trendy ankle boot…and of course, a little glitter doesn’t hurt- esp. on these very neutral color that is great for more casual layered clothes.

Metallic Boots $24.94 @ Old Navy

Seriously love this. High top sneakers are definitely on my hit list. You can’t go wrong with these shoes- glitter? gold? Perfect for those skinny jeans and, plaid shirts, and jean jacket. Or- skinny jeans, leopard sweater and bun hair did.

Kate Spade Bow Ballet Flats $54.95 @ GapKids

Kate Spade is partnering up this Christmas with GAP, so you really can’t go wrong with Kate Spade for kids. This is perfect for those Christmas dresses- any Christmas dress, really.

Silver Ankle Booties $36.95 @ GapKids

Again, the ankle bootie. This goes amazing with those beautiful oversized cream chunky sweaters and patterned leggings. 

Valeria $68 @ Joyfolie

Be still my heart- heels, glitter, oversized bows, and Christmas red. Honestly, the only imperfect thing is the price, but if I could, all my daughters would own this in every size. But alas, if only…Forget her dress, she can wear anything with this, and she would stick out in an instant- occasion or casual. For a bit more casual, this would be perfect with tartan leggings and peplum top.

Hazel in Gold
Hazel $66 @ Joyfolie

So flapper 20s style, isn’t it? Gorgeous. T-strap glitter gold occasion sandals. Fits the oatmeals, creams, golds, champagnes, peaches, and pastel pinks…If that’s your color palette this season, this is the one…

*NEW* Valeria in Blush
Valeria Blush $68 @ Joyfolie

I consider this the older sister to the one mentioned above. It’s so feminine- with that short heel, gold glitter bow, and back strap for good measure. The color scheme is too romantic…honestly, swoon.

Synthetic Patent Leather Burgundy Ankle Bootie $45.90 @ Zara Kids

You can’t think fall and winter without this burgundy color- and in a Chelsea style ankle boot. This would match just about anything.

Image 3 of PATENT T-BAR BALLET FLAT from Zara Patent T-Bar Ballet Flat $35.90 @ Zara Kids

This is simplistic at most but one of my favorite. This is definitely the Audrey Hepburn amongst these shoes. Simple lines, patent, pink inner lining, skinny t-straps. If Audrey was still alive, she’d probably even wear these. 

Stretch Boot (Baby) $39.90 @ Zara Kids

I can’t deal with these boots. I want a pair. That tulip side to cover the elastic. And the color- nude to perfection.  These boots are so versatile because I can see them with dresses and stockings, skinnies with chunky sweaters, ponchos with leggings, boyfriend jeans with tshirts and jackets…it’s endless.

Miss Vogue Ole Trusty Booties $34.99 @ Target
(Also comes in Black)

Again, similar to the ankle boots above but a little more casual and more for play and active wear. The caramel is what draws me to these ankle boots- worn with baggy jeans, tshirt, jean jacket, chunky scarf, and messy bun.

Glitter Oxfords $15.39 (Sale) @ Gymboree

Again, the glitter, the gold, and with OXFORD style! I’m really a sucker for vintage style so the word oxford takes me back to my childhood when I desperately wanted these 50’s oxford black/white shoes. I can’t seem to shake the style… Best with those fancy dresses or leggings, and ESPECIALLY that neutral blazer.

Osh Kosh Glitter Ankle Booties $23 @ Carter’s
(Also comes in Black)

Are you noticing my deep obsession for gold and glitter, or is it not apparent yet? I love these for those cable cream stockings and sweater dresses.  Or those boyfriend jeans with a collared button down shirts under a sweater.

Round Toe,Comfort PU Leatherette Rubber Hollow-out Girl\'s Flats
Bunny T-Straps $8.75 @

Do they sell these my size? Another thing I can’t seem to shake is my love for shoes shaped like animal faces- esp. bunnies! This is an undeniably adorable unique take on the mary janes. And I do loooooove my black mary janes.

Sequins,Nubuck Fabric TPR Gore,Bowknot,Beading Girl\'s Flats
Sequins Bowknot $4.63 @

This would be the inexpensive alternative to those Joyfolie red bow mary janes. The glitter and bright red color make it pop for the holidays. And you can’t beat that price, unless you’re a master DIY secret agent.

Round Toe,Mary Jane Leather Leatherette TPR Bowknot,Split Joint Girl\'s Flats
Round Toe Mary Jane Doily $13.25 @

Another thing I admit being a SUCKER FOR is the ever delicate scallop.  You put scallops on any piece of clothing, and you have me at hello. These shoes look like you put a doily on top and it’s irresistible, classic, delicious- like you want to put a miniature cupcake on top of it.

66 copy 3-1.jpgSweven Anthony Boots $97 @ Jujubunny Shop

I can’t deal. I want them. Bad. But I can’t because I’d have to sell my house and I have 3 daughters. Chelsea style ankle boots in leather- black or gold. Look at the simple lines, the perfect sheen, and the front of the shoes have this beautiful almost flat shape giving it a firm look- not bubbly or awkwardly round. I’ve looked for Chelsea ankle boots in many different shops, and hands down, this is the most beautiful.

Peach and Cream New Golden Hightop $73 @ Jujubunny Shop

I admit that I dress my daughters sometimes like korean pop stars- you know, scarves, fur vests, semi- tight t shirts, skinny jeans, leather jackets. And since the 90s are coming back, these shoes would fit right into their wardrobe. But alas, that price.

Baby Zaam Mouse Flats $73 @ JujuBunny Shop

I had to throw in a pair with the cute factor. I grew up with Sanrio, Morning Glory, and so cute critters always have a place in my shoe collection heart.

Bimbo Bimba Mouse Flats $51 @ Jujubunny Shop

I just love these because they resemble the Marc Jacobs mouse line, and since I own a pair of those MJ mouse shoes, it would be cute to match my girls. And it’s in metallic pink. Super sweet.

Yosi Samra Gold Glitter Leopard Loafers (sale) $33 @ Saks Fifth Ave.

Loafer style is on spot these days, but then you add gold, glitter, and leopard. I love these…I see this style a lot, but never like this one- with the glitter and over contrast of black to gold leopard spots.  Usually, the colors are dull and pattern is messy but these look expensive. Plus, that elastic to grip the shape of the foot is amazing! It’s like shoes for you, but smaller…way smaller…same trendiness. Love.

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