Car Conversations with 3 Little Girls

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Emma: Mamam, I want to sing and be a pop star.
Zi: I want to be a model.
Elle: I be a giraffe.
Me: You want to be a giraffe?
Elle: A penguin! A giraffe-penguin!
Zi: Actually, do you know. When Ate and I are older, we’re going to be missionaries. 
Emma: *snickers*
Zi: No really. Don’t laugh at it. We’re going to go everywhere, except for China.

Me: *super confused*

Elle: Excuse me, Mamam? Can you sing Baby?
Me: what ‘baby’??
Zi: She means, “Oh baby you, you got what I need, but you say he’s just a friend. YOu say he’s just a friend.”
Elle: Book Of Life!!!
Zi: Mamam, can I be Maria for Halloween next year?
Me: sure!
Elle: Excuse me, Mamam? I be Malolo!
Me: You want to be Manolo? It’s Manolo.
Ell: NOOOO! MaLOLO! Listen. Ma- ma- ma- ma- LOLO.


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